Christmas at Junkyard Market

This Christmas, the Junkyard Market provides a great opportunity for businesses to get into the Christmas spirit and celebrate during the festive period whilst also remaining vigilant to the threats that Covid-19 presents to businesses. Many businesses missed out on formal Christmas parties last year as well as the normal year-round socialising events we were all used to enjoying! Even though the restrictions have ended, the virus is still here and is a potential threat to businesses.

If people celebrate over the Christmas period indoors or in big groups with no distancing and no segregation, your whole workforce could be at risk! The benefit of having your Christmas party with us is that the Junkyard Market is outdoors, where the virus is less prevalent due to the natural airflow. Our tables are still socially distanced from other groups, and we can give you your own tent depending on the numbers! Businesses will have the option to separate groups or teams on different tables whilst staying in the same tent.

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